GATE Assessment Process

Identification for the GATE program is based on a variety of inputs as part of a multi-criterion eligibility matrix (each factor may raise overall score by 2 to 5 points):

  • Ability: CogAT Score
  • Achievement: Report Cards: Must earn eight (out of ten possible) "4s" in ELA and Math in 2nd grade
  • Factors
    • Economic: Eligible for Free/Reduced Lunch
    • Language: ESL (intermediate or below)
    • Special Education: has active IEP or 504 Plan
    • Relocation: has moved schools more than 3 times
    • Two or more factors get additional points

When are students tested?

Every child will be offered GATE testing in grade 2. If the student is tested and is not identified for the GATE Cluster program, they may be reviewed for retesting in grade 5. If the student is tested in grade 2 and is identified for GATE Cluster, they may be reviewed for retesting for possible GATE Seminar in grade 5. After grade 5 there is no further testing available. Placements must be made at that point by the school site.

Students who are new to the school district will be tested when their school is tested in grades 3-5.

Students will be administered, at most, two tests. The district distributes a list of students eligible for re-testing to the school site during the Spring. Families of eligible students will be contacted once their child has been identified.

Hearst is scheduled to conduct GATE testing in the spring. Families of students who qualify for testing will be notified via a letter and/or a telephone call.

What is the CogAT?

The CogAT is the test administered by the school psychologist for the purpose of identifying students for the GATE program.

My child was recently tested. What happens next?

The results of your child's GATE test will be distributed to you within approx. two months. In the event your child qualifies for the GATE/Seminar program, any potential schedule changes will be implemented during the next school year. We do not make schedule changes during the existing school year.


Testing: Related/Specialized Services-School Psychology Services

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