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Misconceptions About Being Gifted

Intelligence doesn't automatically predict high achievement. Individuals may be smart yet not be able to spell or memorize math facts or read other's emotions in the same ways that the neurotypical population does.

  1. There is more to gifted children than their intelligence
  2. They are emotionally very sensitive
  3. They have a strong sense of right and wrong
  4. Being gifted does not equal having straight A's in school
  5. Gifted kids may be atypical learners who seem quirky or eccentric
  6. Giftedness can be misdiagnosed as ADHD or ADD, ODD
  7. They are intuitive
  8. Gifted does not mean perfect
  9. Gifted kids can be twice-exceptional, or "2e" ( These kids are both gifted and having a disability or difference with processing, emotional, social interaction, or executive functioning skills or diagnoses such as ADHD, autism, dyslexia, anxiety, etc. that can work against the expression of their abilities)
  10. Every child may indeed have a gift - but no, not every child is "gifted" (in the educational use of the term)

Hearst Parents of Gifted Students

Fall Meeting: Presentation

Winter Meeting: Testing Presentation

GATE District Advisory Committee (GATE DAC) (

6:30-8 p.m. at Ballard Parent Center Auditorium, 2375 Congress Street San Diego, CA 92110 (free parking lot on Jefferson St.)

Monthly DAC meetings are intended to:

  • Inform parents about important issues in the district
  • Inform parents about what to expect from, and ask for, at their schools
  • Give parents a chance to network with other schools in their high school feeder pattern
  • Educate parent representatives and the parents at their sites about gifted education and timely issues

Distinguished Lecture Series on current topics related to the Gifted and Talented. It is open to everyone. Intended audience is parents, teachers, and administrators.

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